How to select the best training program to meet your challenges?

We all face the need to communicate in another language in our specialty field.

  • What questions come up when you think of doing it?
  • What difficulties do you face?
  • Do you know what you your requirements are? Do you have a goal? A timeframe?

It is important to weigh up the alternatives and set clear goals.
We can help you.

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What aspects must you bear in mind when choosing a language course focused on our goals?

  • First, it is important to define the language you wish to learn and the purpose. What do you, or your company, need? Do you have to participate in an international meeting, draft reports, work with representatives from other countries?
  • Once this is defined, we must determine the term for achieving this goal and analyze the alternatives. The shorter the timeframe, the greater the dedication required and, more importantly, it must be determined whether all the goals can be realistically reached.

For example: if the goal is for the legal counsel of the company, with a starting level of B1 in English, to participate in a negotiation in English within a month, one alternative is to design a specific training that enables this professional to deal with the issues to be discussed at the meeting, identify the key aspects, and know whether or not the negotiation has been receptive to his proposals. In this case, the goal will not be for the legal counsel to fluently communicate in their area of expertise. The time frame would not allow this.

  • A third aspect is the method. It may be that due to their position, they have been traveling very frequently, or working remotely, meaning online training would be the most adequate. The training may be individual or in a group, and this adjusts perfectly to the in person or online mode.
  • A fourth aspect is the frequency. If you wish to attain the objectives most quickly, the standout choice is an intensive course that combines work in class with individual work. All our trainings can adapt to both formats. Once the goals have been defined, we will design the most suitable program. What if these goals change over time? No problem, we will adapt the program to the new circumstances.
  • It is highly worthwhile to be aware of any limitations. Do you want to train the sales staff, but not all of them are in the same city? Do they have different working schedules? No problem. We will adapt the training to each situation. We can work outside the traditional working schedules, even on weekends.

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