At Speak Talk Communicate we believe that learning languages is a real and profitable goal


We are an organizing body authorized by Fundae

Our clients may benefit from training credits, which become a valuable resource for each company’s staff. For more Information, visit Fundae’s website.

Our training programs

We offer tailor-made courses, specially created to face your challenges and those of your company with maximum flexibility and versatility.

Specialized training

Conceived to meet the needs of the main business sectors. We follow a proven success methodology, integrating the best professionals with the most advanced assessment and quality resources and tools.
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Tailor-made training

Periodic and intensive language programs in specific areas, in person, remotely, by telephone or online, with a frequency set according to each situation.
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Adapted to any level and situation

Courses to prepare for job interviews, meetings, presentations, and international events. We assure that each level, whatever it may be, concludes in success, meeting the short- and long-term goals set
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Unique methodology

We follow a training method that provides the participants with the tools they need to express themselves in another language, in their professional area, using the most appropriate resources to maintain their interest.

We also boast a top-notch team of teachers that offer a practical program fully adapted to the level and situation of each student or group, seeking to strengthen their degree of engagement.


For any professional or company that is seeking specialized and customized training in line with their objectives.

Before starting the course, we give participants a level test in order to define the objectives and course contents that are most suitable for their needs.

Our team of professors has proven competency in each language and the specific training and expertise for teaching, in addition to being native speakers.

Of course, you can! The contents are adapted to the classroom format, whether in person or online.

Learn your chosen language with the best method.

Some of our clients  

Our experience

Speak Talk Communicate is a long-standing company dedicated to providing quality linguistic services

Over the last 30 years, we have worked with companies in various sectors, such as healthcare, environment, insurance, communications, marketing and advertising, legal, business and politics, film and media, social sciences, major brands, hospitality, food and beverages, and others

Some examples of our tailor-made courses

English training for parliamentary/congressional personnel

Political and Legal Field

The contents include political and current topics and the aspects considered focus on the written and verbal expression of messages in order to clearly communicate the ideas that are sought to be conveyed.

  • Learn how to address your basic needs of professional communication.
  • Identify and apply idiomatic expressions and collocations.
  • Apply the language learned to express ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Apply the language functions learned to defend different points of view.
  • Develop solid arguments to participate in meetings and discussions.
  1. Learning objectives
  2. Words and political beliefs
  3. What we ask politicians
  4. Checking understanding
  5. How to win an election
  6. Using your voice
  7. The Language of Power
  8. Example for practice
  9. The Project
  10. Introduction to Presentations
  11. The Refugee Business
  12. Universal Basic Income
  13. Annex

English course for a multi-level group in a simulation environment

Industry: Film and Media

The methodology enables a heterogeneous group to participate actively in learning a language, individually developing the various abilities at their own pace. This is achieved by devising each class and activity separately, after benefiting from the results of the previous ones.

  • Learn how to address your basic needs of professional communication.
  • Identify and apply grammar structures to describe yourself, your environment and activity.
  • Apply the language learned to express ideas clearly and effectively.
  • Apply the language functions learned to make and answer requests.
  • Apply the language functions learned to speak about the future.
  1. Identifying ourselves and the others
  2. Talking about the country we live in
  3. Describing ourselves
  4. Likes and dislikes
  5. The world in numbers
  6. Describing things and events
  7. Describing big and small things
  8. Entertainment
  9. Describing places: travelling
  10. Adjectives and metaphors
  11. Money and expenses
  12. Entertaining and being social
  13. Summer is the time for…